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Bootproject is a development base for all projects and also where to create and test out new features from both .NET, javascript frameworks and more.

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    .NET Core 3.1 package that makes ease of using multitenancy and fast deployments of new applications. Download at NuGet

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    Bootproject is a dynamic company. Let us know what we can do for you. Contact us.
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    Bootproject develop using React with Next js and Santity as platforms to make static but dynamic websites/apps.

React Zones

Current project on React, Redux and Next Js contains an implementation of creating Zones. A zone is a component that is defined in a template, then filled from a service API. When you define templates you just enter what zones to get React Components from. No matter what the zone name is, as long as you define it in the module This website is built with the zone layout. Keeping it simple and generic is the way we like it.

<Zone name="Content" store={} current={this.props.current}/>

Bootproject timeline

Latest projects and assignments

Basecore media

For this project I needed to rebuild some of the structure of my React application. For eg. routes and the handling of routes in ExpressJS to Next. All to be able to use Sanity Studio as content editor.
Basecore media project

Duvi Pensjon

Current freelance project is at Duvi Pensjon in Norway. An interresting project with various assaignments. Development of async functions in a none async project, to be able to download and process millions rows of data. Develop a Bitbucket Api to connect and clone git source, to later on deploy to servers from the publish profiles.


Needed a codeviewer to display code in pages so I added Syntaxhighlighter. Simple, easy and clean code coloring views.

Business Rules

On how to solve complex function results, and make it understandable for everyone.

Multitenancy V2 .Net Core

.NET package that makes ease of using multiple domains and databases. Download at NuGet.
pm> install-package Boot.Multitenancy

Dynamics 365

Here Im preparing for a new project for a bank institution. This client that need to move all projects from Dynamics On Premise to Azure. Including Windows services to Azure functions.

Headless CMS

For this site I'm going to use a headless CMS from Sanity. A really impressive headless CMS when it comes to setup thru schemes and the editing of a site. It creates instant updates to a NextJS site.
Read more about Sanity here

Next Js and Redux

Developing more on this site to learn Next js and Redux, and how to to make it more SEO friendly.


KUBERNETES... Yummy. Can you taste the word? -Anyhow, my current goal is to create microservices with Kubernetes and to understand the Kubernetes and Docker pipeline.

Azure tables, Storage

Build your API or content structure thrue Azure tables. An pretty easy way to put your api online in a secure way.


Performance is indeed an important thing when it comes to websites. Building website with techniques, that displays the page fast. This site doens't event require any cache. This project is about to create a complete application for websites/cellphones. Latest addition is the storagefetcher implementation that speeds up the site load and servs the components with properties fast. In a stateful way also render the content inside modules/components.


Who? Me, Rickard at Bootproject, currently employeed as a freelance consultant in Norway. I have been in a lot of projects in the past. Latest project is about moving onprem services to Azure. Taking windows services and move them to Azure functions, and also create a new businessrules component to transport data to Dynamics 365 CRM.