Multitenancy in .Net Core 3.1

This project is an extension of nHibernate's ISessionFactory and makes it incredible easy to use multiple sessions within the same application. It's used to define different domains and their databases. Uses MySql as database. (Download source to change to your favorite database)

Since the previous versions in .Net 4.6 this is more lightweighted, without lack of functionallity. Built in model creation. When adding a new model or change the entity, it's automatically gets replicated in database.

I started this project a couple years ago when I needed a fast way of creating websites and applications. In just a few lines of code with this project, I can make a solution ready to be modeled in a few seconds. View / download source at Bitbucket

pm> Install-Package Bootproject.Multitenancy.Core -Version 2.3.1



Add "DomainConfiguration" section to appsettings.json like the example below:

"DomainConfiguration": { 
  "Domains": [ 
  "Name": "bootproject", 
  "Dns": "localhost,", 
  "ConnectionString": "server=localhost;port=3306;database=test1;uid=root;password=1234" }, 
  "Name": "example", 
  "Dns": "", 
  "server=localhost;port=3306;database=test2;uid=root;password=1234" } ]