Cloudflare offers you free SSL and much more

Since Google announced that they only will include or prioritize websites that used SSL, I investigated if there was a free service since I own a couple of domains that could offer free HTTPS. I found the Cloudflare service, with free SSL certificates. Cloudflare offers an easy way to manage your DNS thrue their controlpanel. This must be the website service of the year, the service is so good that even used it when they released the Skatteoppør(tax Assessment in Norway) for the Norwegian peoples. You may wonder why, but it's because of the cache service they provide. You can actually turn off you site and just run it from their cache. Smooth isn't it. So head over to cloudflare and sign up for your free service. Cloudflare

Created by Bootproject editor on 2019-02-09

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    The Swede(me), Rickard Magnusson a Senior Software Engineer, currently employeed as a freelance consultant in Norway.

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