Deploy React site to an Azure Web App

Iv'e been using my server in Azure for several years now. But, today I desided to move my website made in React, Redux and Next site to an Web App in Azure. That was an easy task since most of the configurations was made during the setup.

A webapp will also reduce the cost of using Azure per month, so I like so say that this is a good desision to move away from a real server to an Azure WebApp.


Step 1: Create the web app as a Node Js app in Azure.

Step 2: Add a deployment slot. I choosed FTP as this was the fastest way to publish my code. In the future I will make it from Docker or a Git repo.

After I saw my app was is up and running, I needed to add my domain.

Step 3: Create DNS records in Azure. Just click add domain to the app, and you get instructions what you need to change or add to your DNS provider. That was the most easy DNS Iv'e been using in years.

Final step 4: I'm using Cloudeflare that will provide me with https for my domain. I added a few records, cname and a TXT record in my DNS configuration.

And voila!! There it was, published and ready for new vistors.
Oh man, do I love Azure!!!

Created by Bootproject editor on 2019-10-15

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