Azure AKS, Kubernetes deployment

This week I've tested out the Azure AKS, Kubernetes (container) in Azure. But man, is that a lot of configurations to do!! I followed a blogpost (AKS VSTS ) that a collegue of mine did, Andreas Helland, a blogpost at Microsoft on creating AKS in devOps(VSTS). As a former collegue of mine said about DevOps, - Is how to trick developers to work with deployment. So they tricked me as well, I guess LoL :-).

Im not kidding when I say that steps that has to be made.. Uhhh A lot!! Andreas addressed me on this...

Theres a lot of things you need to know before you get started. Azure CLI, Docker, Helm, Tiller, Hyper-V, Kubernetes, Kubernetes dashboard and ofcource Azure. I managed to create a lot of errors during the lesson, but as always, errors makes you stronger and better as a developer and also make you a better problem solver.. Aint right?

-Anyhow, I manage to get thrue all the steps and the only thing left is to make it public, with an A record in DNS. So I ended up to buying a new domain(amazingly available) So hopefully you will see the project I made, end up in that domain.

We have to say thanks to Andreas Helland that made the blogpost!! Without your post, I would have been totally lost!!

Created by Bootproject editor on 2019-02-19

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