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Build the ultimate static site with minimal server resources used. Some thoughts on my next site, and to augment the power of a static site.

Somewhat I’m not satisfied with the layout/code splitting in React, it works, but it can easily become nested and hard to read. I would rather split code and views.The way to update content, since I use Next JS exported as a static site. But I do like the performance! When it comes to CSS it’s an easy choice, less or sass, here we split code into separate files and it easy to find.

Yet to find out is if Vue can be at help. I’ve been reading about both Nuxt and Vue and I think I going to make a small project to see if this is the thing that I’m looking for.

Somehow a site that I static doesn’t have any problems with databases and other stuff that can make the site go down. This is also a cost issue.

The ideal site construction!

Is there any?
Static, but dynamic when it comes to add content. How? When I make a new page when it also needs to re-render pages because everything is static. A trigger? If possible run the site without server rendering of pages? Create a trigger on changes...
Clean links and meta tags.
Split views(templates) and code
Only update site on API changes.
Run the site as a SaaS app.
Run the site with low cost.
Be modular, adding modules on the fly.
Cache, for example Cloudflare’s.
Everything thing needs to accessible online.

Keep the discussion alive!

I need to make a small forum to hear about what others think is a solid and good way to build and create a solid solution that takes a minimal of resources.

So what it the optimal site?

For me this is not an easy question. But I know what I want. I want a static site that re- renders when API changes. I want the API data to be generated on changes to a static file or cache. Trigger changes to app to generate pages.

In my site it’s easy to add a module.Create the module in code, then add data to it in my WebAPI. I like this way, it’s not complicated. It also give me choice to put content where I like it to be, just thru code.

XML database

In the past I’ve built a lot of CMS’s and tools. The one I started with had xml as database. Oh man, was it fast. Maybe I can implement a way of reusing this engine to use for my current application.

What about Nuxt?

What is it? It mostly behave like Next JS, with the difference from the view engine. I’m already a big fan of Next, can Nuxt make me feel happy when I structure my application? This is what I need to find out.

For now, if anyone has any idea on how to accomplish this, please send me an email with your thoughts.
I found an interresting article on the subject where he compares the differences between Vue Js and React JS. See the article here

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