Client React webapp for Basecore media.

Some projects are really nice to start, and this project was very special and really fun to start with. When a developer / designer get free hands to make something cool!!!


React Js, Next Js, Sanity, Gulp, Sass, Azure Devops
The site is constructed in React JS, Next JS and Sanity Studio as content editor. Sass generated css with Gulp. For deployment I added a new DevOps project, where it builds, creates the package and deploying the app to an Azure WebApp. But. later on I putted the code on Bitbucket for direct updates on Now/Zeit platform thru a trigger from Sanity Studio, due to the direct export function.

Email js
For the contactform, I used EmailJS a handy service that is a gateway between React and a emailservice.

I also added the Appified version wish make it look even cooler on iphones. The site is also
built with mobile first.

Logo, design
I also made the logo, the website elements and the design of the site. Simple and beautiful.

See Basecore medias videos !

These guys are incedible! In a few hours the make a real movie from nothing. They produce films, music and also have drones to make movies from the sky. Hopefully I can add one of their videos here on my site to show you!!

Visit the site to see the result.

Created by Bootproject editor on 2020-03-01

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    The Swede(me), Rickard Magnusson a Senior Software Engineer, currently employeed as a freelance consultant in Norway.

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